The Campo Bello story

In early 2014, my two sons were going to a Boy Scout weekend to work on several Merit Badges. One was on game design. I helped them work on some of the prerequisites, and was intrigued by the process. I had played games my whole life; but had never thought about how they were constructed (the phrase "game mechanics" was completely new to me). During the 45-minute drive to the location of the Boy Scout weekend, my mind began to drift and I had an insight - "What if you could play that Cracker Barrel peg solitaire game against other players?"  I started thinking about shapes, and moves, and jumps. After I dropped off the boys, I went to a nearby diner for breakfast and began to take notes. That day, a game started to take shape. It started small, got big and complicated, then got smaller again. It took more than two years, numerous prototypes, dozens of hours of playtesting, and input from countless friends and relatives - for Campo Bello to become what it is. We hope you enjoy it.