Campo Bello now available at Cracker Barrel!

Friends, after much waiting and work, Campo Bello is now on the shelves of your local Cracker Barrel store. Please share this information with everyone you know... If I could ask a great favor, if you have a store near you, please stop by and check it out for yourself. Please take a photo of the game on display - share it with us and tag the location. And if you're into board games, please give it a try... it's great fun for ages 8 to 88!


We'll use this post to track the bugs in the first printing of the game... to be fixed the next time. If you find something amiss, please use the contact form to let us know. Thanks!

  • Pieces. The red pieces and the yellow pieces are reversed compared to what's displayed on the box and instructions. 
  • Rules sheet - p. 2. The green pieces are referred to as octagons. They are hexagons.

The Campo Bello story

The Campo Bello story

In the winter of 2014, my two sons were going to a Boy Scout weekend to work on several Merit Badges. One was on game design. I helped them work on some of the prerequisites, and was intrigued by the process. I had played games my whole life; but had never thought about how they were constructed (the phrase "game mechanics" was completely new to me). During the 45-minute drive to the location of the Boy Scout weekend, my mind began to drift and I started thinking about shapes, and moves, and jumps.